Cancer Healing Set
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Cancer Healing Set

Price per Unit (piece): £20.00

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The Cancer Healing set includes the following crystals:


New Jade: Promotes good luck, hope and brings optimism.

Fluorite: Combats dizziness, confusion, runny nose and boosts immune system

Aventurine: Reduces nausea

Carnelian: Energy boost, Fear, Apathy,

Yellow Jasper: Reduces diarrhoea and stomach cramps

Black Obsidian: Removes negative thought patterns, pain relief

Lepidolite: Anxiety and Despondency and removes anger

Opalite: Chronic Fatigue and mood swings

Mookite: Emotional rollercoaster, encourages belief systems

Red Quartz: Diffuses swelling, reduces bruising, encourages self love

Smokey Quartz: Relieves Pain and reduces abdominal cramps

Clear Quartz: Promotes healing on all levels

Red Jasper: Promotes self healing.