Crystal Healing London
Crystal Healing London

Equine Reiki

Healing is a lovely treatment to relax and nurture any horse. It can also give a horse a greater sense of well-being and calm.


Healing can help with the following:


*After foaling / pregnancy

*Grief / separation

*Change of environment

*Emotional or physical abuse / trauma

*Digestive disorders



*Illness / disease

*After an accident

*Old age / Arthritis


*Cysts / Tumors

* Depression


If you suspect something is not quite right please call a vet in the first instance. Energy healing is not a replacement or substitute for veterinary treatment

Distant healing is also available for horses, however I would normally like to see the horse in person for the first treatment.


Please contact me for equine healing prices.


I don't charge for distant healing for horses in rescues.



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